91Pro Games 2024

This year’s 91Pro Games took place at Wyndley Leisure Centre on 13th June.

Teams from all Academies competed in track and field events, and it was great to see that every Academy had full teams this year. The #ambitionԻ#徱پDzshown by staff to prepare the teams and students was to be commended.

What was of a particular note this year, was that students from opposing academies are starting to recognise, chat and support each other in their events. This is really demonstrating the power of sport, and collaboration.

“There was a real ‘friendly rivalry’, and students’ efforts and behaviour were exemplary”.

Thanks must go to all the staff who helped to prepare the students for this event, staff officiating at the event and particularly Dave Trowman for running the meeting on the day.

Congratulations to the students from Fairfax for their victories in every age group:

Year 7&8 Girls:

1st Fairfax             2nd Erdington         3rd Smith’s Wood      4thdzܰԱ

Year 7&8 Boys:

1st Fairfax             2nd Erdington         3rddzܰԱ             4th Smith’s Wood

Year 9 & 10 Girls:

1st Fairfax             2nd Erdington         3rd Smith’s Wood       4thdzܰԱ

Year 9&10 Boys:

1st Fairfax             2nd Erdington         3rd Smith’s Wood       4thdzܰԱ


The next Trust wide event is the 91Pro Show at Brammall Hall on 24th October. Tickets for staff are free and especially if you have never been before, we highly recommend you attend. It’s a fantastic occasion, showcasing the many talents of our students on stage.

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